Craig Atkins has spent time with various pork suppliers across the UK and Holland and has found that the Cherryorchard and Blythburgh free-range animals have a perfect fat content, which matches well to the high standard of customer needs we supply here at Superior Meats.

These animals originate from around the UK and are processed through Cherryfield who are based locally in Surrey a family run company originally established in 1956.

Product list

Cherryorchard Free Range

The Cherryorchard pork comes from a dedicated group of farmers based in Norfolk, Suffolk and Kent and are freedom foods (RSPCA farm accreditation body). Breeds consist of Hampshire Sired and Berkshire Sired. All farms are compliant and graded with the Red Tractor Certification.

Blythburgh Free Range

A Blythburgh pig is born in a straw filled farrowing hut located on the sandy earth of the Suffolk heritage coast. Its mother has a free range life style with the choice of being outside if it is sunbathing weather or staying inside if it’s raining. Really being free range is as simple as that really, it’s giving the pig the freedom to choose to go outside or not.