We all know that in this day and age that the welfare of our birds is of the upmost importance. This is why we pride ourselves on using Banham Poultry of Norfolk or Dutch Free Range Farms



Based in Attleborough (Norfolk). Banham maintains high standards and is continually verified with constant auditing by the Food Standards Agency, “It all starts with egg production”, hatching chicks and then rearing the chickens to very high welfare standards. Banham Poultry are committed to providing the highest quality products, every care and attention possible is taken to comply with all relevant UK & EEC legal and safety requirements. All of their products are Red Tractor accredited.


Superior Meats also use the very highly rated Dutch poultry company Storteboom. They have over 100 years experience with chicken products and are an innovative company who continue to develop the front running methods for all other poultry companies.


We are proud to associate ourselves with our locally sourced turkeys from Bramble Farm in Leatherhead Surrey.

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