Product List

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Fillet Mince
Steaks (cut) Diced
Chateau Briand Burgers
Strip Loin 180g (6oz)
Steaks (cut) 200g (7oz)
Rib Eye 223g (8 oz)
Steaks (cut) 283g (10oz)
Rump Ox Cheek
Steaks (cut) Ox Tail
Onglet Feather Blade
Steaks (cut) Short Rib (Jacobs Ladder)
Bavette Shin
Steaks (cut) Brisket
Top Side Brisket (Cured)

* All breed of 7-14 day aged animals will be either Hereford and Irish

** Please note that 21-28 day aged beef will be Surrey Farm

Whole Pig (Notice Required) Neck of Pork Bone and Rolled
Suckling Pig (Whole – Notice Required) Hand of Pork Bone and Rolled (Notice Required)
Pork Leg (Whole) Spare Rib Pork Chops
Pork Leg Bone & Rolled Spare Rib Steaks (Boneless)
Pork Escalope (From Leg) Belly Whole
Short Loin (Whole) Belly Bone and Rolled
Short Loin (French Trim) Spare Rib (From Belly)
Short Loin Bone & Rolled Baby Back Ribs (From Loin)
Pork Loin Steaks Diced
Pork Chops (French Trim) Mince
Pork Chops Rind on Fat
Pork Tenderloin/Fillet (Whole) Bones
Shoulder Pork Whole (Neck End)  
LEG Shank
Leg Bone & Rolled Steaks (Leg)
Shoulder Noisettes
Cannon Chops (Loin)
Best End Cutlets
Rack Chops (Double – Barnsley)
Rack (French Trim) Breast
Saddle Diced
Neck (Bone In) Mince
Neck Fillet
Breast (Boneless – Notice Required) Knuckle (Whole)
Top Rump Osso Bucco (Gross Weight)
Diced Cutlets (French Trim)
Mince Bones
Ox Kidney (Whole) Pig Caul
Ox Kidney (Diced) Pig Head (Notice Required)
Ox Liver Pig Kidney
Ox Liver (Portioned) Pig Liver (Whole)
Ox Tail (Whole) Pig Liver (Sliced)
Ox Tongue Pig Trotter
Ox Tongue (Cured) Calf Kidney (In Suet)
Lambs Heart Calf Kidney (Without Suet)
Lambs Kidney (In Suet) Calf Liver
Lambs Kidney (Without Suet) Calf Liver (Skinned)
Lambs Liver Calf Liver Portioned
Lambs Liver (Sliced) Calf Sweetbread Hearts
Lamb Sweetbreads
Chicken (Whole) Turkey Whole (Hen)
1.3 – 1.75k
Banham Various Turkey Whole (Stag)
Chicken Leg Quarters Turkey Breast (Boneless)
Chicken Thighs Boned & Skinned Turkey Escallops
Chicken Thighs (Bone In) Turkey Legs (Whole)
Chicken Wings Turkey Drumsticks
Chicken Drum Sticks Turkey Wings
Chicken Fillets (Skinless/Boneless)
Chicken Supreme (Skin on wing bone in)
198-227g Gressingham Duck (Whole – English)
227g +
Minced Chicken Breast Gressingham Duck Breast
Chicken Breast Escallops Barbary Duck (Whole – French)
Chicken Liver Barbary Duck Breast
Bones Duck Legs (French)
Poulet Noir Duck Legs (English)
Corn Fed Chicken (Whole) Duck Liver
Corn Fed Supremes Duck Fat
Corn Fed Legs Duck Bones
Corn Fed Drumsticks
Poussin – Double (Whole)
Quail (Whole) Hare (Whole – Notice Required)
Quail (Boneless) Hare Legs (Notice Required)
Quail Eggs (Sold by Dozen) Hare Saddle (Notice Required)
Guinea Fowl (Whole) Ostrich Steaks (Frozen – Notice Required)
Guinea Fowl (Supremes) Kangaroo Steaks (Frozen – Notice Required)
Pigeon (Squab) Venison Haunch (Whole)
Pigeon Breast Venison Saddle (Whole)
Goose (Whole – Notice Required) Venison Eye Fillet
Goose Breast Venison Top Side
Pheasant (Whole) Venison Shoulder Bone & Rolled
Pheasant Supremes Venison Haunch Steak x2 180g
Partridge – Red Leg (French) Venison Mince
Partridge – Grey Leg (English) Venison Diced
Grouse (Notice Required) Smoked Venison (Notice Required)
Rabbit (Whole – Tame) Wild Boar Haunch (Whole – Notice Required)
Rabbit (Whole – Wild) Wild Boar Saddle (Notice Required)
Rabbit Saddle Game Diced
Rabbit Legs Game Bones
Rabbit Diced
Gammon (Whole – Bone In) Smoked Back Bacon (Whole – Boneless)
Gammon Boneless Smoked Back Bacon (Whole – Rind less)
Smoked Gammon (Whole) A1 Back Bacon – Green
Smoked Gammon Boneless A1 Back Bacon – Smoked
Collar Selfar Back Bacon – Green
Collar Bone & Rolled Selfar Back Bacon – Smoked
Gammon Knuckles Selfar Streaky Bacon – Green
Gammon Steaks (Sizes) Selfar Streaky Bacon – Smoked
180g (6oz)
223g (8oz)
283g (10oz)
Hock Knuckles Saddleback Dry Cure Maple Streaky Bacon
Green Streaky Bacon (Whole – Boneless) Saddleback Dry Cure Back Bacon
Green Streaky Bacon (Whole – Rindless)
Pork 6’s Cumberland Chipolatas
Pork 8’s Cumberland Cocktail
Pork Chipolatas Cumberland Rings
Pork Sausage Meat Cumberland Sausage Meat
Cumberland 6’s Flavours (Notice Required)
Wild Boar & Apple
Lamb & Mint
Venison & Juniper
Chorizo Sausage Links
Cumberland 8’s


Ham (Whole – Boneless – Honey Roast) Liver Sausage
Ham (Whole – Boneless – Beech Smoked) Corned Beef (Tins Only) 5k Tin
Ham (Whole – Boneless) Kassler (Smoked Pork Loin)
Ham (Sliced – Honey Roast) Pastrami
Ham (Sliced – Beech Smoked) Roast Beef
Ham (Sliced) Smoked Goose Breast (Notice Required)
Parma Ham (Whole – Bone In) Smoked Chicken (Whole)
Parma Ham (Whole – Boneless) Smoked Chicken Supreme
Parma Ham (Sliced) 500g Smoked Duck Breast
Bresaola Lardo Italian Back Fat
Bresaola (Sliced) 250g Foie Gras
Pancetta (Whole) Gala Pies
Pancetta (Whole – Smoked) Pork Pies Frozen
Bayonne Ham (Notice Required) Scotch Eggs
Turkey Breast (Whole) Cottecino (Italian Pork Sausage)
Turkey Breast (Sliced) Haggis
Chicken Roll Pate Brussels
Danish Salami Pate Ardenne
Milano Salami Pate Duck
Napoli Salami Black Pudding Block (Award Winning)
Chorizo Salami Black Pudding Ring
Garlic Sausage White Pudding Ring