We at Superior Meats only use the best grades of beef from the UK. Our specialist beef include Surrey Farm, Premium Select and Hereford.

Whether you are looking for the beef to be aged or non-aged, we have a superior grade for every occasion. Contrary to belief, certain breeds lend themselves better to the ageing process than others and so it doesn’t necessarily follow that the older the age, the better the beef. It is about experience of which breeds should be aged and for what length of time to achieve maximum tenderness.

Beef cuts available from a cow's carcass

Product list

Surrey Farm

This fantastic 21 day aged beef is put through a 5 step process to achieve optimal results.

  • Step 1. Carefully chilled down
  • Step 2. Carcass is hand selected according to size, weight and fat level to ensure consistency
  • Step 3. Skilled butchers trim the cuts to exact specification so that each piece has the same level of fat giving minimal yield loss
  • Step 4. Each primal is carefully then checked by the supervisor again to ensure quality
  • Step 5. When sending to the maturation chillers, each case has individual outer label indicating when entered for the process of 21 days

Premium Select

The connoisseur’s choice where all cattle used are carefully sourced and independently audited. A sympathetic chilling regime eliminates toughness and creates beef which is tender and full of flavour.


Hereford is one of the world’s premier breeds of cow and it is from the UK. These distinctive, white-faced animals are world renowned and UK born and bred.