Confidential Information Policy

o Version: 1.01
o Effective from: 28th April 2019

As part of our engagement we are likely to obtain knowledge of trade secrets and other confidential information belonging to your organisation. We recognise that disclosure of this confidential information could be harmful to your business and that we have a duty to ensure that its security is maintained.
For the purposes of this policy confidential information is considered to be items on the following list that are not in the public domain and have not entered the public domain due to default on our part.

Confidential Information

o Profit margins.
o Financial reports.
o Management reports.
o Discounts, rebates & costs.
o Sales reports and marketing strategies.
o Business plans, strategies & forecasts.
o Information on future menu updates or releases.
o Information and data produced as part of the engagement.
o Details of supplier contracts
o Employee information.
Unless required to do so by a Court of law or any regulatory body we…
o Will not at anytime (except with prior written approval from an appropriately authorised member of your organisation or for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations as part of our engagement), reproduce, copy, use, divulge, communicate, disclose or make use of any trade secrets or other confidential information belonging to your organisation obtained as a result of our engagement.

o We will employ all reasonable measures to ensure the protection of any confidential information in our possession.

o We will ensure that any confidential information in our possession when the engagement is completed, cancelled or terminated (for whatever reason) will be either returned or securely destroyed.
For more details on our information and security practises please contact Denise Hession the Customer Liaison Officer